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The Celestial Forest derived its name from a place spoken of in many esoteric traditions.  It was a magical, mystical place for one to find sanctuary, solitude, wisdom, and ultimately Source.  It was where old ones would go at the end of their life to pray and meditate.  It was where Parvati went to prepare herself to be the wife of Lord Shiva.  It is traditionally known to be a place for seekers to find spiritual nourishment that ultimately leads to wholeness in every other aspect of their lives.


While the Celestial Forest Learning Studio promotes a spiritual way of being human, we do not advocate any particular religious practice in itself, but encourage our students to find their own path.  The Celestial Forest Program is intended to be wide enough to encompass any type of faith or spiritual practice aligned with positive intent and Light, inspired by compassion, and with the goal of living with an open heart.


Fractal Art by Vicky Brago-Mitchell

Kathy Daugherty, MS CHt

Classes, Yoga, Energy Work, Coaching, Regression Therapy

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